Where Did The Money Come From?

Rather to our astonishment, by the end of March 2012 we had manage to raise £209k – and we were able to commit to the building work, which started on 16 April.

The funding came from a mixture of sources – with the largest sum coming from the community itself. Over 150 people bought ‘community shares’ in the venture, raising £47k – which we think is an astonishing achievement.

The rest came from various grants and funds. Its great that so many bodies share our enthusiasm for the project and have sufficient faith in our plans to support us so generously.

It helps that the project is such a good fit with the policy and priorities of so many bodies. ‘Sustainability’ – in its widest economic, social and environmental meanings – is an important aim that many organisations want to support!

Below is a table with the details.

Confirmed funding

Source Sum
Community Share Offer £47k
Plunkett Foundation Core Funding Programme £40k
South Downs National Park Sustainable Communities Fund £30k
LEADER RDPE Fund (European Fund for Rural Development) £25k
West Sussex County Council Social Enterprise Fund £29k
The Roddick Foundation £20k
Hamamelis Trust £10k
West Sussex Social Enterprise Network Social Enterprise Award £5k
Joint Downland Area Committee Community Initiative Fund £3k
Total confirmed funding £209k

In addition we have set up a dedicated fund under the umbrella of Sussex Community Foundation, which enables us to claim Gift Aid tax relief on gifts.