To drink (take-away available)

Forge Café coffee – our own blend

Double Espresso                                                                     £1.70
Latte or Flat White                                                                   £2.20
Cappuccino                                                                             £2.20                   Americano                                                                               £1.95
Mocha                                                                                     £2.20

Decaffeinated coffee and soya milk available
Go LARGE for 0.40P more.

Hot Chocolate                                                                          £2.20

Pot of tea                                                                                £1.35

Selection including decaffeinated and herb teas

Sussex Orchard Apple Juice                                                  £1.20 a glass
Orange Juice                                                                         £1.20 a glass

Milk shake
Chocolate, strawberry or banana                                          £1.65 a glass

Wide range of other soft drinks in the drinks chiller

House Red and White wine                          £3.25 (after 11.30 am)
187ml bottle)

 Bottled beer, lager and cider available       (after 11.30 am)

Our coffee is blended and roasted specially for us by Coffee Compass
– in Littlehampton.
Our blend is a mix of Colombian and two types of Brazilian bean
and is available for sale in the shop