Buy Shares

The Share Offer, which invites you to invest in Slindon Forge Society Ltd, is now available. For an application form, please click Share Application Form. For details of the Share Offer, please click Share offer.

How much should I invest? What is the minimum and maximum I can invest?

The minimum share is £20, and the statutory maximum amount of share capital that can be invested by an individual in this type of Society is £20,000.

Why should I invest?

You are being invited to become a Member and participate financially in a community venture, whereby the community itself will help raise the funds necessary to acquire and refurbish the Forge and create the new village shop. We will obtain other funds from grants and loans, but funds from the community are a vital element of the project. Many grant organisations want to see evidence of a financial contribution by the community; moreover it also helps minimise the need for any loans.

Who will benefit from this venture?

The community will benefit directly from having a vital village amenity preserved for generations, to be run by a democratic, not-for-profit organisation. In its rules is embedded the principle that the Society’s surplus profits will be available for distribution to other community projects.

What is my liability should I invest?

Your liability is limited to the value of your shares.

Will the venture be able to build up sufficient reserves for me to withdraw my money in the future?

The business plan has taken this carefully into consideration and the Management Group will ensure there is prudent reinvestment. Once the business has established a good track record, new customers will be invited to become shareholders, thereby allowing equity to be released to any members wishing to withdraw.

Can I invest in instalments?

In this instance, no, but it may be possible to add to your shareholding at a later date.

Will my investment increase in value?

Shares can go down in value but they cannot increase in value above their original price.

Can I sell my shares on?

No, these shares cannot be sold. They are a special type of share known as a community share. The only way to recover their value is to apply to the Board for the withdrawal of your shares from the community venture itself.

How can I get my money back if and when I need it?

To enable the business to build up sufficient reserves, the Management Committee has stipulated a minimum of five years (except in exceptional circumstances) before you can apply to withdraw any shares. Precise details of the rules of withdrawal will be voted on by the shareholders at the first Annual General Meeting in 2012.