Join the team of volunteers

We have paid staff manning the shop and cafe but volunteers are a vital part of the enterprise – their contribution is invaluable (and they enjoy it too). There is the opportunity to add YOUR experience and efforts to help make the venture a success.

It doesn’t matter whether you are young or older, or what you’d like to do, there will be opportunities to do all sorts to things. Examples might include:

  • helping customers,
  • creating tempting displays
  • generating ideas for events
  • reviewing products
  • helping create our so-called garden! (lots of potential….)
  • admin
  • practical help ‘behind the scenes’ etc etc.

It could be regular or a one-off – whatever suits you.

It’s also good way to develop new skills and meet new people as well as supporting the venture.

Talking to a range of the current volunteers it’s clear that in different ways they all enjoy it and find it rewarding – these comments give a flavour of their experience

  • Its great fun – I’ve put a lot of village faces to names now. I enjoy it
  • There’s a very friendly atmosphere – everyone is very appreciative, you learn new skills and I enjoy talking to the customers.
  • I keep seeing people I haven’t seen for a while – and I like being able to get in touch with the local producers who come in
  • I thoroughly enjoy it which seems rather strange to say because its work – not hard work. Part of the pleasure is chatting to villagers of course but the visitors are very complimentary and its nice to tell them about the village
  • It’s a fun place to work. I’ve met lots more people from the village, it’s a very friendly atmosphere, its something new and you learn a bit too
  • Its good to feel you are part of making a success of something I feel is a great asset for the village. 

And we’re delighted that one of the younger volunteers gained a full-time job on the back of his work experience at the Forge. Remember too that volunteering at the Forge counts towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

If you are interested then click here and send us an email with your contact details and explaining in a sentence what you’d like to do, or any special skills or relevant experience you have. Thanks.