Become A Member

You can become a Member of Slindon Forge Society Ltd, by buying a single share (£20) and paying an annual fee of £5. Of course, you can buy more than one share and indeed we will need many to do so if we are to raise sufficient funds to go forward. For an application form, please click Share Application Form. For a copy of the Society’s rules, please click Slindon Forge Rules.

What is the Society?

Slindon Forge Society Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation, incorporated as a Co-operative and Community Benefit Society. Working to a formal set of rules specially devised by The Plunkett Foundation for community shops such as The Forge, Slindon Forge Society Ltd is registered with the Financial Services Authority.

Who are the people organising this? Can I trust them, and do they have a personal interest?

The initial Management Group of the Society is a group of volunteers who believe passionately in creating this amenity for the village. They do not have a personal financial interest in this project beyond the amount they have invested themselves. They will form the first Management Group of the Society – they are Mike Imms, Patrick Foley, Brian Senior and Mark Spofforth. We are bound by a formal Code of Conduct. We will encourage others to put themselves forward for election to the Board of the Society at the first AGM.

Why should I join?

We want as many people as possible in Slindon and the surrounding villages to become Members of Slindon Forge Society Ltd. As a Member you will be showing your support for this project and will be eligible to vote at the Society’s AGM.

What voting rights do I have?

In a Community Benefit Society the rule is One Member – One Vote. So no matter how large or small your shareholding, you have an equal voice.

Why am I being asked to pay an annual subscription?

There will be a large number of Members in this scheme, investing differing amounts of share capital. A figure of £5 a year has been established as a fair figure for covering the administration and will also enable the Management Committee to keep the Members regularly updated and informed.